The invasive demon shrimp (Dikerogammarus haemobaphes) has been found at two new locations in the Lea Catchment.

The Environment Agency has confirmed the presence of demon shrimp from samples taken from the River Lea near Amwell and the River Stort at Sawbridgeworth. The demon shrimp from the Pono-Caspian region of Eastern Europe is a voracious predator which can significantly affect native species and have a devastating impact on fisheries. The introduction of demon shrimp can significantly alter the aquatic ecosystem. 


At present control measures in place are only able to slow the spread of this species. Able to survive for 48 hours out of water on damp surfaces it is important that any river user that enters the water or has equipment that enters the water follow the Check, Clean, Dry protocols advised by the Non-Native Species Secratariat to prevent the further spread of this and other invasive species through the Lea Catchment. 


More information on the demon shrimp can be found here.

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