These themes and objectives were developed during catchment partnership workshops held during 2014. People and organisations with a stake or an interest in the river were asked to suggest their ideas about what the aims of the catchment management plan should be.

 The themes and objectives of the Middle Lea Catchment Plan are:


Water Quality

  • Reduce soil and sediment input
  • Reduce chemical pollution


Water Quantity

  • Decrease water usage in the area
  • Have enough water in the right place at the right time
  • Maintain adequate flow for ecology and activities


Policy and Advice

  • Engage with and inform local authorities and the planning system
  • Engage and advise the Highways Agency
  • Improve sharing and understanding of the available statutory data
  • Provide advice for riparian landowners


Ecology and Biodiversity

  • Control/eradicate non-native invasive species
  • Have thriving and spawning fish populations
  • Improve the river’s morphology
  • Improve bankside and in-channel habitat


Public Engagement

  • Improve public engagement with the river
  • Improve public access to the river (virtual and physical)

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