Water is the stuff of life, but how often do any of us really think about it?

That's all set to change this month with the launch of the Love Water campaign on 8 July.


The campaign is led by a coalition of over 40 organisations including the Environment Agency, Water UK, National Farmer's Union (NFU), World Wildlife Fund (WWF), water companies and others. We are proud to be supporting this campaign which aims to connect people to water to ensure we all value this precious resource.


The Love Water campaign focuses on three key themes:

  • encourage people to use water wisely
  • helping people to understand how they can reduce pollution in their local environment
  • encouraging people to get out and enjoy their local water environment


Clean and plentiful water is a government priority with a clear ambition set out in the 25 Year Environment Plan.

Love Water aims to give everyone the knowledge they need to make the right decisions for them and for the environment.  It will make us think about those seemingly innocuous actions we take that can have damaging consequences for the water environment.  Actions such as flushing wet wipes down the loo, tipping waste liquids down roadside drains, washing greasy pans in the sink which all affect water quality, or leaving the tap running while brushing your teeth, wasting up to 12 litres of water. 


It's time we all took action.

Together we can show water some love and keep our rivers, lakes and seas clean and healthy, and make sure we keep our water supplies flowing.

Follow the campaign on Twitter @LoveWaterUK


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