DEFRA have launched a consultation running from 19 July to 11 October 2019. It aims to understand how personal water usage can be reduced, and what measures need to be put in place to acheive this. We urge all catchment partners to review and respond to the consultation. 


Climate change, population rises, environmental requirements and a growing demand for water will mean that there are growing substantial pressures on surface and groundwater supplies, less water available per person and a significant likelihood of more frequent, severe droughts.

It is vital that we maintain sustainable supplies of water for future generations. This will involve both increasing supply and reducing demand. Reducing the amount of water that we all use is an important element of reducing demand on water supplies.


DEFRA want to understand what measures are needed to reduce domestic personal water usage, and what reduction in water consumption is technically feasible and achievable. Respondents are invited to suggest additional measures to reduce personal water usage, and share their views on the various measures sugegsted.


Please respond to the consultation online by 11 Oct 2019 at 

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