24. Hertford Weirs - Enhancing Fish Passage

Theme: Water Quality, Habitats and Wildlife


  • That whatever the flow level, the river and its associated habitats, including banks and floodplains, are managed to support chalk stream species
  • That water quality, temperature and river bed quality are such that they support chalk stream ecology

Project description

This project aims to improve fish and eel passage along the River Lea and River Beane through Hertford.


Hertfordshire's rivers have been modified for historic industry, transport and flood defence. At many points along the River Lea and its tributaries, weirs and other man-made structures have been introduced.

These cause major problems for fish and eel passage, preventing them from easily moving upstream and downstream. They also cause the river directly upstream to become impounded, resulting in sluggish flows, excess siltation and habitat degradation that impacts more widely on biodiversity.

The Environment Agency, in partnership with Countryside Management Service and East Herts District Council, commissioned a Feasibility Study in 2018 to identify options for adapting six weirs through Hertford to address these issues.

After public engagement in autumn 2018, preferred options for each of the six weirs were identified. Outline designs were then completed in early 2019, and a project is underway for one of the six weirs:  Cedar Close Weir Bypass Channel project.

The project partners aim to sought further funding to develop the outline plans into detailed designs and deliver the improvements for the further five weirs.


View this PDF for more information about the project.

Grid reference: TL323127
Project lead: Environment Agency
Project partners: Countryside Management Service; East Herts Council; Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust; River Beane Restoration Association
Funding source: Environment Agency, East Herts Council
Contact for more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Enhancing fish passage

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