19. Stevenage Golf Course

Theme: Flow


  • That there is adequate flow along the length of the river to support a 'good status' chalk stream ecology (as defined by Water Framework Directive)

Project description

To reduce the amount of abstracted groundwater used by the golf course, and to provide them with an alternative source.

Stevenage Golf Course currently water their turf with tap water, which is not only very expensive but also represents a sizeable amount of the water abstracted at Whitehall. If water could somehow be captured and stored from the river when it is in high flood flows, this might go some way towards reducing both their water bill and the amount of water used from the tap. This would need some means of abstracting the water from the river during high flows (such as a tipping weir) and a reservoir to store it.

Grid reference: TL268220
Project lead: Stevenage Golf Course (proposed)
Project partners: Environment Agency; River Beane Restoration Association; Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust
Stevenage Golf Course

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