14. Increasing water efficiency in Stevenage

Themes: Flow; People


  • That there is water flowing along the whole length of the river at all times (excluding historic winterflowing sections)
  • To increase the public's appreciation of the unique chalk stream environment and their participation in its conservation

Project description

Increasing water efficiency in Stevenage

Abstraction for public water supply in and around Stevenage has a direct and devastating effect on the River Beane. This project aims to educate the population of Stevenage about this, and achieve increased water efficiency via a variety of measures e.g.:

  • Features in Stevenage Borough Council’s quarterly ‘Chronicle’ magazine to reach all households in Stevenage.
  • Use contacts at Stevenage Educational Trust to spread the message in schools

This is also a project outlined in Stevenage Biodiversity Action Plan (Action We37)

Project lead: Stevenage Borough Council (proposed)
Project partners: Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust; Hertfordshire Groundwork Trust; River Beane Restoration Association; Affinity (proposed)
Project start: 2013
Project end: Ongoing
Increasing water efficiency in Stevenage

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