On Friday evening the riverfly monitors from the River Mimram came together for their AMG.

The group - part of the Herts and Chilterns Riverfly Group - met Friday evening in the home of one of the volunteers to discuss their work this year as ARMI monitors. The group of 12 (and five rescue kittens) shared tea, coffee and cake whilst reviewing the years happenings.


The report from Tewin Fly Fishers showed the excellent ARMI scores as well as the brilliant specimens of brown trout and grayling they can support in a well maintained stretch of river. Whilst the report of monitoring at the regravelled stretch of the Mimram at Singlers Marsh showed an increase in riverfly compared to unrestored areas. This was followed by a fact filled presentation on identifying cased caddis to species level, a daunting prospect when you realise just how many there are!   


Despite their achievements to date, the group - like the Herts and Chilterns Riverfly Group - is looking to the future, and discussion of what members would like to see and how to progress their group further highlighted just how enthusiastic they are. 


The Herts and Chilterns Riverfly Group is always looking for new members and not jsut on the Mimram. If you want to get involved and help monitor the health of your local river you can do so by contacting your local This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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