Work to reduce the shading caused by tree coverage at Whitwell has now been completed, as well as the erection of a new fence to help wildlife flourish on this stretch of The Mimram.

At the end of September, local contractors worked to carry out this long awaited improvement at Whitwell, completing Mimram Catchment Project 8.  

The work, which saw the removal and coppicing of trees on the bank, will let valuable light to the water, essential for the growth of in-channel aquatic plants such as Water Crowfoot and Water Starwort.  Also hoped to increase are marginal species such as Watercress and Water Partship and on the banks, a variety of Sedges, Rushes and plants such as Purple Loosestrife and Figwort.  

The erection of a new fence 3 metres from the bank will encourage growth of Riparian vegetation and reduce corrosion of the bank, which along with the reduced shading will provide suitable habitat for invertebrates and hopefully Water Voles!

The work, which had been delayed due to unsuitable ground conditions to get the required machinery on site, took approximately five days, at a cost of about £4000.  Funding was provided by Natural England via the Lea Catchment Nature Improvement Area Funding with some match funding from the Landowner.

Wood from the tree and shrub clearance will be used on the Whitwell village bonfire this year.

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