The recent unprecedented levels of rain have caused a lake to form at Stagenhoe, the source of the Mimram.

Usually, the source of the Mimram is marked just by a hollow in a dry field. This spring, however, the field has become a lake! The recent heavy rainfall has helped to replenish the aquifer, meaning that it is now literally overflowing. 

According to local householders, it is at least seven years since they last saw water in this stretch of the Mimram, with others saying that they had never seen such a 'lake' at the river's source. 

The Mimram has suffered from water abstraction for many years; however, things look on the up with Affinity Water's latest business plan being granted 'enhanced' status by Ofwat - the plan includes proposals to significantly reduce the amount of water being taken from the Mimram, Beane and Ver over the 2015-2020 period. Click here for more information.

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