Another project on the Catchment Plan is now green!

Most of the overshading scrub from alongside the B656 Codicote Road has been cleared, to allow more light to reach the river.  Some of the very large trees on the marsh side of the river have also been pollarded.  This has transformed the area, and will hopefully make a huge difference to the river later this year once the water weeds and bankside plants start growing, providing fabulous habitat for fish, water voles, dragonflies and other wildlife.  Although the work may look quite harsh to being with, it will soon soften and green up, and will help restore this section of the Mimram to a healthy chalk stream.

This builds on the regular work of the Singlers March volunteers and Friends of the Mimram, who manage the smaller trees and shrubs along the river banks.  Previously the river has suffered severe over-shading which has prevented vegetation from growing up in the river itself and along the banks. Singlers marsh is owned by Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council, who have been very supportive of the works.  For more info, please contact Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust on 01727 858901, or email Living Rivers Officer Charlie Bell.

Tree work at Singlers Marsh

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