6. Rural SUDS

Themes: Water quantity; Ecology and biodiversity


  • Promote catchment sensitive land use to reduce floodwater run-off
  • Improve water quality
  • Enhance and restore floodplain habitats

Project description

To install Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS) in the catchment to improve water quality and reduce flood risk.

SUDS can have a dramatic impact on reducing run-off and flooding within a catchment.  An example of a SUDS scheme would be:

  • Digging ponds along ditches to filter sediments from run-off.  Periodically these sediments can be dug out of the pond and ploughed back into the farmland as a fertilizer to improve crop yield.  

Many SUDS schemes have multiple benefits, such as:  Reducing siltation, reducing flood risk, creating wildlife habitat.


Project lead: Natural England via the Catchment Sensitive farming initiative
Project partners: Farmers & Landowners. Environment Agency
Funding source: TBC

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