LeaCatchment If you're enjoying summer on a barge or boat, remember to use locks responsibly to keep water flowing down your fav… https://t.co/uEhhhqQ1xz
LeaCatchment Great to see photos of habitat management for wildlife in action at Tewinbury Nature Reserve on the #RiverMimram ! https://t.co/6KNr1nb5W7
LeaCatchment Heavy rain after dry weather washes pollutants from pavements & roads into our rivers, killing fish & other river w… https://t.co/t1KuiiHnoG
LeaCatchment Great news that Water Voles reintroduced on the #RiverStort by @HMWTBadger are thriving at Thorley Wash Reserve thr… https://t.co/NSFc6cM7NW
LeaCatchment The UK could save £1 million a week by only boiling a kettle with the right amount of water - #SaveWater and see ho… https://t.co/W3A0lOPJ76
LeaCatchment All aboard! Join @HMWTBadger for a cruise along the #RiverLea to take in the special scenery and learn about its wi… https://t.co/EPvQnALhWp

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