The Upper Lea - starting the journey towards the Thames!

Welcome to the website of the Upper Lea Catchment Partnership, and the home of the Upper Lea Catchment Management Plan.  Our Catchment Plan will improve the river for wildlife and for people. It will also help us to meet the UK's obligations under the Water Framework Directive.

 Latest news for the Upper Lea

Vote for River Lea Catchment projects, nominated for funding in the Affinity Water community grants programme. Read more...

#WhyNotWater is a campaign being led by Affinity Water. Launched in May 2019, it aims to fuel a national debate to ensure water conservation is at the heart of our actions and behaviour. Read more...

Affinity Water are offering community grants of up to £3,000. This is to support local groups and charities delivering specific projects across their eight supply areas. Read more...

The Meads at Wheathampstead.  This is a busy area which is popular with families during the warmer summer months; it looks beautiful on a frosty winter morning too.

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