The Upper Lea - starting the journey towards the Thames!

Welcome to the website of the Upper Lea Catchment Partnership, and the home of the Upper Lea Catchment Management Plan.  Our Catchment Plan will improve the river for wildlife and for people. It will also help us to meet the UK's obligations under the Water Framework Directive.

 Latest news for the Upper Lea

Park Hall (Harpenden Town Council), Leyton Road, Harpenden, AL5 2LX, 7pm 27/07/2017. Read more...

Patrick McNeill, River Champion by the River Lea

A Wheathampstead volunteer has been awarded the title 'River Champion' by The River Restoration Centre for his work on the River Lea. Read more...

Deflectors on River Lea

A group of local volunteers have worked hard to improve the habitat of the River Lea over the last year. Read more...

The Meads at Wheathampstead.  This is a busy area which is popular with families during the warmer summer months; it looks beautiful on a frosty winter morning too.

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