LeaCatchment The #RiverLea in #Wheathampstead was alive with shoals of fish this weekend. https://t.co/j3cM9mw8vt
LeaCatchment Brilliant work in #Harlow near the #RiverStort by @HarlowGreens and @HarlowCouncil a real biodiversity and communit… https://t.co/uV4c57OW1g
LeaCatchment RT @RiverWildlife: Glossiphonia complanata, common yet strikingly patterned species of leech in the #RiverLea https://t.co/h4FCZiAO4U
LeaCatchment RT @JennySherwen: Carpets of wood anemone along the river beane #signsofspring @HMWTBadger @LeaCatchment https://t.co/RODMNd1YyC
LeaCatchment RT @HMWTBadger: Last week @Strawbtractor talked to @RiverWildlife about #ChalkStreams for @BBCFarmingToday Catch up here - https://t.co/lox
LeaCatchment #Otters are becoming a regular sight again in the #RiverLea Catchment. https://t.co/CNxcOdKyfA

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