#WhyNotWater is a campaign being led by Affinity Water. Launched in May 2019, it aims to fuel a national debate to ensure water conservation is at the heart of our actions and behaviour.

Water efficiency is critical in the South East – a severely water stressed area. Public water supply is already under serious pressure and the needs of the environment - which provides our clean water - is under major threat.  

Climate change is likely to reduce available water supply by an extra 39 million litres per day by 2080. Water demand is increasing and population is expected to grow by 51% in Affinity's supply area. 

The campaign seeks to engage us all, to help take account of these factors and make some fundamental changes.

Please take action now and help create a sustainable future for our water resources, chalk rivers and their wildlife!

Visit the #WhyNotWater website to find out more and sign the petition.

#WhyNotWater calls for:
• Mandatory water efficiency labelling on all goods. We have this for energy, why not water? We want manufacturers to label their products so people know how much water they are using. A labelling scheme will empower people to make an informed choice, so they can save water, save energy and save money.

• Tenants should have the right to use water efficient goods in the homes they rent, bringing water on a par with energy and saving them money and helping the environment.

• Domestic water efficiency through fittings and fixtures through mandatory certification.

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