2. Eradicate Invasive Plant Species

Themes: Ecology and biodiversity; People


  • Control or eradicate invasive non-native species
  • Provide support and advice to riparian landowners

Project description

This project aims to control or ideally eradicate, invasive plant species from the catchment.

Himalayan balsam and Giant hogweed are particular problems within the catchment. They rapidly becomes dominant over an area, shading out other species. They also die back completely in winter, leaving banks bare and vulnerable to erosion. In addition, giant hogweed is a serious threat to human health, causing serious burns and blisters if the sap coems into contact with skin.

This project aims to coordinate the control of balsam, hogweed and other invasive species throughout the catchment, via working parties and landowner engagement.

Project lead: Various (e.g. parish councils, Environment Agency, Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust)
Project partners: Landowners and farmers
Project start: 2015
Project end: Ongoing
Giant hogweed - do not approach - best left to experts

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