LeaCatchment Hertfordshire is home to one of the world's rarest habitats - the #chalkstream ! Celebrate the special wildlife the… https://t.co/YD07gsUJM3
LeaCatchment @amwellmagna Looking forward to seeing the #RiverLea transformation @amwellmagna after the restorations are complet… https://t.co/PZUfJ00Aap
LeaCatchment Fantastic footage by @37squadron of a "Lady in the Stream" swimming gracefully along the #RiverMimram through… https://t.co/R9DmgekPfO
LeaCatchment A beautiful Brown Trout caught on camera in the #RiverMimram They rely on "gin-clear" unpolluted rivers with grave… https://t.co/P7Dt152ODk
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LeaCatchment Lots of wildlife depend on healthy aquatic habitats for food and shelter throughout the year. #WorldWaterWeek (26… https://t.co/QsuWAOA4mo
LeaCatchment Did you know there are only 210 chalk streams in the world? That makes the 16 in #Hertfordshire rarer than Giant Pa… https://t.co/LT0Qhu0SJS
LeaCatchment Dive beneath the surface and discover a whole new watery world! Thousands of tiny invertebrates keep our river ecos… https://t.co/BjC868Xfsk
LeaCatchment It’s #WorldWaterWeek so why not explore a chalk stream in #Hertfordshire? These globally rare habitats are mostly… https://t.co/PSQr8HvcrX
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