The Upper Lea - starting the journey towards the Thames!

Welcome to the website of the Upper Lea Catchment Partnership, and the home of the Upper Lea Catchment Management Plan.  Our Catchment Plan will improve the river for wildlife and for people. It will also help us to meet the UK's obligations under the Water Framework Directive.

 Latest news for the Upper Lea

A lecture on the reintroduction of Eurasian Beavers to Britain and their role creating diverse wetlands while helping to reduce flooding will take place on Wednesday 28 February at 8pm in Welwyn Civic Centre.

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Around the country 48 local nature recovery strategies (LNRS) are currently being prepared by the local authorities alongside other partners and stakeholders.  To find out more click here

There is a vacancy for a Chalk Rivers and Farm Advisory Officer, which has been externally funded by the Environment Agency for a 3 year fixed term period.  Details of the job and how to apply are here

The Meads at Wheathampstead.  This is a busy area which is popular with families during the warmer summer months; it looks beautiful on a frosty winter morning too.

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