4. River Enhancement at Leasey Bridge

Theme: Ecology and management


  • Increase the amount and quality of in-channel, bankside and floodplain habitat

Project description

Verulam Angling Club have enhanced the River Lea through their fishery to improve habitats for wildlife and fish stocks.

Ongoing positive management of the river and wider site has been undertaken by members of the Club and included:

  • coppicing or pollarding over-shading trees, letting light to the river to encourage in-stream vegetation
  • controlling and removing invasive species, such as Himalayan Balsam and non-native American Signal Crayfish
  • installing deflectors to disperse silt and clean gravels
  • installing gravel runs to inmprove fish spawning
  • creating an open back-water area for juvenile fish refuge
Project lead: Derek Pullman, Verulam Angling Club
Project partners: Environment Agency
Funding source: Verulam Angling Club
Project start: 2015
Project end: 2021
Contact for more information: Derek Pullman

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