Each Catchment Partnership is made up of people and organisations who are working to improve the rivers for people and for wildlife. The partnerships were formed between 2012 and 2014 and include a wide range of organisations, from landowners, local community groups and charities to councils and government agencies.

Each partnership is being ‘hosted’ by one organisation, who brought the partnership together.  The role of these 'catchment hosts' is to organize and co-ordinate the many different members of the partnerships, and drive the catchment plans forward . They also act as the initial contact point for any enquiries about each catchment, and arrange the regular catchment partnerhip meetings and workshops.  It is also the responsibility of these catchment hosts to maintain the catchment websites and social media accounts.

 The catchment hosts for the rivers of the Lea Catchment are detailed below:

GroundworkCatchment hosts for the Luton Lea

Herts & Middlesex Wildlife TrustCatchment hosts for the: Upper Lea; Middle Lea; Lower Lea; Mimram; Beane; Rib & Quin; Ash and Stort

Thames21Catchment hosts for the London Lea

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