These themes and objectives were developed during catchment partnership workshops held during 2014. People and organisations with a stake or an interest in the river were asked to suggest their ideas about what the aims of the catchment management plan should be.  You can view the projects which will help to meet each objective via the Catchment Management Plan.

The themes and objectives of the Rib & Quin Catchment Plan are:


Data and Understanding

  • Gather data on the current state of the river and its natural processes
  • Increase understanding of the issues facing the river
  • Increase understanding of ways of improving the river
  • Gather data on the effectiveness of any measures taken


Water Quality

  • Identify sources of pollution
  • Reduce the frequency and severity of pollution events


Water Quantity

  • Improve morphology to increase resilience and restore natural processes  
  • Reduce water use within the catchment
  • Promote natural flood storage to reduce flooding
  • Promote sustainable drainage schemes to reduce runoff, flooding and pollution


Ecology and Biodiversity

  • Control or eradicate invasive non-native species
  • Reduce shading to allow bankside and in-channel plants to develop
  • Ensure connectivity for fish passage
  • Enhance and restore floodplain habitats



  • Engage local communities and raise awareness of the rivers
  • Provide support and advice to riparian landowners

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