10. Riparian Rights and Responsibilities

Theme: People


  • Increase understanding of the issues facing the river
  • Increase understanding of ways of improving the river

Project description

This project aims to improve riparian landowner understanding of their rights and responsibilities and stimulate action for the river.

The River Lea (and its tributaries) flows through a patchwork of private land, including large and small estates, gardens, private fisheries, grazing pasture and other types of farm land. Local authorities also own several stretches with public access to the river.

All these owners of the river and its banks have responsibilities for protecting the health of the watercourse, such as preventing pollution and ensuring that invasive non-native species are controlled on their land.

Full details can be found on the Environment Agency website, who regulate activities along rivers and within the floodplain.

By providing easy-to digest information or tailored site visits to riparian landowners, this project aims to improve understanding of common issues and promote positive stewardship of the counties rivers and watercourses.

Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust take a leading role in providing this support within the Lea Catchment, working in partnership with various River Groups, Environment Agency, Natural England and other wildlife advisory bodies (e.g. FWAG)

If you own a stretch of river or watercourse in the Lea Catchment and would like to improve its health and value to wildlife please get in touch.


Project lead: Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust
Project partners: Environment Agency, Natural England, River Groups
Project start: 2013
Project end: Ongoing
Contact for more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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