The River Stort Catchment Partnership gathered in November 2022 to recap on progress made over the year towards improving the state of the river and its valley.

Hertfordshire County Council and the Environment Agency have been investigating options to improve the River Stort through Grange Paddocks open space, via a weir removal scheme which will open up access for fish and other wildlife along 28km of river corridor!

The River Stort Catchment Partnership meeting was held on 24th October 2019, at Parndon Mill in Harlow.

Volunteers learned valuable river restoration skills at Wild Trout Trust habitat workshops last week, restoring valuable fish habitat in the River Stort in the process. 

Highly cow

Highland cattle are being used to assist with the management of Thorley Wash during the summer months.

The cause of pollution in the Stort Navigation in Bishops Stortford has been identified and resolved, resulting in a marked improvement to water quality in the river. 

Affinity Water's business plan for 2015-2020 has been granted 'enhanced' status by Ofwat, in a move that has delighted campaign groups and landowners throughout the local area.

Misconnected drains can lead to pollution of local streams, rivers and beaches, damaging wildlife and putting our own health at risk.

Defra is currently consulting on proposals that could fundamentally improve the freshwater environment for decades to come. Showing support for these proposals is crucial if they are to be seen through.

Affinity Water has awarded £2,500 to Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust as part of its Community Engagement Programme.  

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