17. Hunsdon Mead to Harlow

Themes: Habitats and wildlife; People


  • To maintain and enhance the river's natural habitats and wildlife
  • To increase people's awareness, appreciation, education and involvement

Project description

To restore the entire flood plain priority habitat between Hunsdon Mead Site of Special Scientific Interest and Harlow.

Between Hunsdon Mead to Harlow a large extent of flood plain exists, which, with the correct management and relatively minor interventions, could become some of the most diverse and rich habitat in the Stort Valley. This area would also allow the integration of people from Harlow to the Stort, which is a significant issue!

Grid reference: TL431110
Project lead: Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust, Essex Wildlife Trust, RSPB (potential)
Project partners: Developers, landowners, Natural England (potential)
Hunsdon Mead to Harlow

Design by LTD Design Consultants and build by Garganey Consulting.