1. Canons Brook restoration

Themes: Quality; Habitats and wildlife


  • To achieve water quality that is good enough to support a healthy aquatic ecology
  • To maintain and enhance the river's natural habitats and wildlife

Project description

To tackle various problems facing the Cannons Brook, to generally improve the health of the watercourse

There are various problems facing the Cannons Brook.  These include:

  • Silting – where sediment washing into the brook and chokes the bed.
  • Poor habitat quality – resulting in an absence of plant and animal species.
  • Plastic rubbish – much of this plastic debris is washed downstream and accumulates in the brook.
  • Poor water quality – due to run off from areas upstream.

Various measures are proposed to tackle these problems in a coordinated way.  These include:

  • Cutting back of some overshading trees and shrubs to increase the amount of light reaching the river.  This will enable more plants to grown in the channel and on the banks.
  • Exclude grazing animals from the river bank by fencing off the channel – this will allow bankside vegetation to develop, and will also reduce water pollution and the erosion of the bank by grazing animals.
  • Planting of emergent vegetation in the channel itself.
  • Clean up the plastic debris and attempt to identify the source, then develop some possible solutions.
Grid reference: TL430109
Project lead: To be confirmed
Project partners: Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust; Environment Agency
Project start: 2013
Project end: 2015
Contact for more information: Bob Reed
Canons Brook restoration

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