The article covers the launch of the Parnership website attended by Mayor Helen Bromley, explains the aims of the website, and that this is just the start of the improvement programme for the Mimram and Beane Rivers.

The following appeared in the WHTimes last week:

A website was launched to keep people up-to-date with improvements being made to the River Mimram. The site hopes to make more people aware of the Catchment Management Plan which seeks to improve the quality of the Mimram and Beane rivers. launched by the Herts Middx wildlife Trust, the Friends of the Mimram and the Beane Mimram Partnership, it is hoped the site will raise awareness of the cause and get more people involved.

David Cheek, Chair of the Friends of the Mimram, said: "From our perspective the launch just signifies the real start of the plan. Now we want to make action happen to so we can improve the Mimram. However this assumes that we have some water in it. Right now there is lots, but we need to keep up the pressure on Defra and Affinity Water to close Fulling Mill."  

CMP website launch

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