33. Opening up the river at Poplars Green

Themes: Flow; Water Quality, Habitats and Wildlife


  • That there is adequate flow along the length of the river to support a 'good status' chalk stream ecology (as defined by Water Framework Directive)
  • That whatever the flow level, the river and its associated habitats, including banks and floodplains, are managed to support chalk stream species
  • That water quality, temperature and river bed quality are such that they support chalk stream ecology

Project description

This project open up the over-shaded river by pollarding, coppicing and removing various trees and areas of scrub.

This area, part of which was the popular picnicking spot of Poplar's Green, is fished by Tewin Fly Fishing Club.  Parts of the river are severely over-shaded, which limits the amount of light reaching the channel and impacts on the in-stream vegetation and fish habitat. 

By opening up parts of the river, in-channel and bankside vegetation will establish, providing habitat.  This vegetation will also narrow the channel in times of low flow, and aid scour of the river bed gravels.  All of these changes will benefit wildlife, including water voles and fish species.

This work, to be undertaken by professional tree surgeons, complements the ongoing maintenance of the site by Tewin Fly Fishing Club.

(Access to the picnic spot was subsequently closed due the large amount of litter left behind and vandalism)

Grid reference: TL27381354
Project lead: Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust
Project partners: Tewin Fly Fishing Club, local landowners
Funding source: Natural England via the Nature Improvement Area (NIA) fund
Project start: March 2013
Project end: March 2013
Opening up the river

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