27. Reduce water consumption

Themes: Flow; People


  • That there is water flowing along the whole length of the river at all times (excluding historic winterflowing sections)
  • To increase the public's appreciation of the unique chalk stream environment and their participation in its conservation

Project description

This project aims to reduce the amount of water used locally, via education schemes and promotion of water efficiency. Helping people to make the connection between the water in their river and the water in their taps is key.

Hertfordshire is an area of High Water Stress, with lower average rainfall per head than the Middle east. However the average personal water use in Hertfordshire is one of the highest in the country. Given the projected housing growth in the area we all need to use less water. 

This project aims to set up a collaborative, coordinated campaign to reduce the amount of water used in the local area.
The following methods will be used:

  •          The introduction of universal metering
    •          Free water saving equipment

         Free in-home consultations on your water usage

    •          Production of a short film (HMWT)
  •          Leaflets
  •          School visits and education packs
  •          Programme of talks
  •          Liaising with local councils
  •          Stalls at events & roadshows
  •          Magazine/newspaper articles
Project lead: Affinity Water
Project partners: Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust
Funding source: Mixed
Contact for more information: Alister Leggatt, Affinity Water
Reduce water consumption

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