A new project which aims to improve a short section of the upper River Beane has been added to the plan.

The project is being funded by Affinity Water and jointly lead by Affinity and Maydencroft Limited. Local residents, the River Beane Restoration Association and Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust are also involved and are informing the plan.  The work will focus on Affinity's land holdings around their pumping stations near the village of Aston.

This project is one of the few currently proposed for the upper Beane, due to the historic low flows in this part of the river caused by nearby groundwater abstraction. It is hoped that Affinity's proposals to significantly reduce this abstraction in 2015 will mean that, in the future, this section will contain more water. Projects like this one will help the river to re-establish it's ecology and return to a more natural, wildlife-friendly state.

For more information on the project, click here.

Dry River Beane at Whitehall

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