The project at Waterford Marsh has got off to a flying start with a significant contribution from Network Rail. 

Restoration of the watercourse commenced in September with Network Rail's contractors AMCO clearing back vegetation from around the culverts that take the watercourse underneath the railway line. Although the original plan was to suck out all of the accumulated silt and debris using a large tanker, in order to minimise damage to the already very wet site they decided to do all of the work by hand!  This involved sending an operator into the culvert with a spade and filling up an adapted oil drum which was then hauled out and emptied by two other operators.  It was an incredible feat of team work and the results are amazing, in particular the minimal operational damage caused to the site. 

We are exceedingly grateful to Network Rail and AMCO for all of their support.

Since the completion of these works and the removal of cattle, we have had contractors out on site flailing vegetation alongside the watercourse and removing stock fencing.  They will soon start to cut back dense, over-shading vegetation from the watercourse and pollard some willow trees.  Our contractors are working very hard to minimise the impact of operations and vehicular movements on the site, which is made difficult by the very wet ground conditions.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused and hope visitors understand it is all for the benefit of the site!

To find out more about Waterford Marsh visit the project page here.

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