15. Stanstead Abbots NFM

Theme: Ecology and biodiversity


  • Maintain adequate flow for ecology and activities
  • Improve the river’s morphology

Project description

The Environment Agency initiated this project in response to managing flood risk within Stanstead Abbots. This project will run parallel with a scheme to offer Stansted Abbots residents, who are at risk of flooding, Property Flood Resilience options. Alongside this, flood risk management options that utilise natural processes are proposed to add additional flood risk benefits.

This project will look further upstream, and attempt to slow the flow of water before reaching Stanstead Abbotts, by utilising Natural Flood Management(NFM) techniques. Community Engagement activities will be included as part of the pre-project timeline.

A feasibility report will be commissioned to determine the best options, and suitable locations for interventions. Likely solutions would include the installation of a series of leaky wooden dams along the Stanstead Abbotts drain upstream of Stanstead Abbots. Leaky dams mimic the natural obstruction caused by trees and branches falling into the river. They help push flows onto the floodplain during floods. This increases temporary storage of flood waters within water channels and out on to the floodplain, helping delay the passage of flood water downstream, allowing sediment to settle out, and reduce downstream flood risk.

Grid reference: 3921311912
Project lead: Rob Fox
Project partners: Environment Agency
Funding source: NFM
Project start: 2024
Contact for more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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