The freezing weather during the week starting 8 February, and the thaw that is forecast to follow, brings with it an increased risk of burst pipes, including at homes and businesses.

 As temperatures continue to drop, your pipes may be at risk of freezing. Frozen water can crack even the strongest pipe and cause a leak, so it’s important to take steps to protect your home. Thames Water recommends you locate your stop tap in case of emergency. You can also lag your external pipes and keep your heating on to prevent pipes from freezing.

Thames Water's three simple steps to beat the cold snap:

1) Locate your stop tap in case you need to turn your water off in an emergency.

2) Lag any external pipes to help keep them warm.

3) Keep your heating on a low temperature, even if you aren’t home.

If a frozen pipe cracks or bursts, use your stop tap to turn off your water straight away before calling a qualified plumber.

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