A consultation has begun on proposed changes to the water company water resources planning guideline.

The water company water resources planning guideline guides water companies on what to include in their water resource management plans (WRMPs).  WRMPs set out how water companies will provide a secure, sustainable supply of water to their customers and businesses over at least the next 25 years.

Amongst other things, the consultation asks:

Do you have any concerns, suggested improvements or comments regarding the guideline including

  • Do you believe that the guideline allows water companies to produce plans with secure and resilient water supplies?
  • Do you think the guideline sufficiently contributes to the 25 Year Environment Plan?
  • Do you think our guideline adequately addresses this climate emergency?

The consultation will run for 10 weeks from 27 July until 2 October 2020, and along with the response form can be found on the government website.

Please note: An online or postal response to this consultation is not currently possible and responses should be made on the form provided, and submitted by email.

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