43. Source of the Lewsey Brook

Theme: Improving water quality and water quantity


  • Reduce pollution through physical improvements around the river

Project description

Luton Borough Council undertook improvement works at Pastures Way adjacent to the source of the Lewsey Brook to address flooding issues.

As part of this work a new rain garden was created in Lewsey District Park to receive excess water from the road and to filter the water before it feeds into the brook at its source.

Drainage from the highway will flow into the shallow 'swale' and gradually release into the brook through a pipe. This will happen during heavy rainfall and prevent ponding of water in the road and adjacent houses.

Further improvement works to the adjacent outfall structure at the source of the brook including changing the unattractive grill that stops litter entering the brook and reprofiling of the stream.

The source of Lewsey Brook is in a large residential area and receives large amounts of highway drainage from the surrounding estate. The catchment partnership is keen to work with Anglian Water to look at local action that could slow the flow of this water into the river and the erosion and pollution this causes.


Project lead: Luton Borough Council
Project partners: Luton Borough Council
Funding source: Luton Borough Council
Project start: January 2019
Project end: currently ongoing, looking at next phase
Contact for more information: Kat Wysocka at Luton Borough Council

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