35. Brickley Road to Toddington Road, Luton

Themes: Community engagement and participation; Promoting appropriate and sympathetic land management


  • Improve local knowledge and understanding of the river and the issues facing it
  • Improve existing wildlife corridors
  • Increase the amount and quality of habitat

Project description

This is a project to improve a section of the Houghton Brook between backs of houses but which is well used as a local pedestrian and cycling route.

Potential ideas under consideration at the moment are:

South of Brickley Road the Lea runs clear and over golden gravels which are a feature of this stretch of the Lea although not as visible as they were in the past. There is easy access to the water at this point. However, there is a visually unattractive fence line along one bank that could be softened by planting and potentially benches installed and a more pleasant place created to spend time.

Between Brickley Road and Ackworth Crescent the area is dark with many trees although some tree management has recently taken place. There are some issues with the embankment and the path becomes narrow and could be improved.

After crossing Montague Avenue there are many overhanging trees on the north bank with much material dumped over the boundary fences, many of which are broken down, onto the bank of the river.

The route is part of National Cycle Network route 6 and more could be made of this fact through signage.

Partners will be holding a site visit when possible to scope out the work and develop and fundraise for the work. The project will involve engagement with the local community.

The Catchment Partnership is also considering whether there is an interesting local heritage project linked to the 'golden gravel' theme.

Project lead: TBC
Project partners: TBC
Funding source: TBC
Project start: TBC
Project end: TBC
Contact for more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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