7. Install two eel passes at Holyfield Weir

Theme: Ecology and morphology


  • Enable fish passage throughout the catchment

Project description

Install two eel passes on Holyfield Weir to allow eels access to good quality habitat in Holyfield Lake.

Two gravity fed eel passes have been installed on Holyfield Weir within Lea Valley Regional Park. This now allows yellow eels to access an additional 2.5km of the River Lea and 55ha of good quality still water habitat within Holyfield Lake. Work was delivered as part of the Conserving Slimy Wrigglers Project.  

Grid reference: TL37650417
Project lead: Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust
Project partners: Environment Agency, Lee Valley Regional Park
Funding source: Catchment Partnership Action Fund, Environment Agency
Project start: 2015
Project end: 2016
eel pass on Holyfield Weir

Design by LTD Design Consultants and build by Garganey Consulting.