6. River Lynch Restoration

Theme: Ecology and morphology


  • Improve riverine and riparian habitat
  • Monitor, control and eradicate non-native species
  • Improve river function and sustainability

Project description

Restoration of the River Lynch at Dobbs Weir, Hoddesdon to a naturally functioning chalk stream.

This project will help to restore the natural morphology (form and function) of the river through the introduction of in-channel features, including gravels, berms and deflectors.

Large parts of this reach are also heavily shaded which prevents aquatic plants to grow int he channel. Through selective tree management, the canopy will  be reduced to increase light reachign the river which will allow chalk stream macrophytes to thrive.
There are a number of invasive non-native species present including, Himalayan Balsam, Orange Balsam and Buddleia which will also be managed to prevent their spread.

Project lead: Lee Valley Regional Park
Funding source: Section 106 planning obligations
Project start: November 2021
Project end: December 2022
Contact for more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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