Last month Thames21 held two SuDS Planting days. Our Glenbrook SuDS in Enfield  (project 13) and the Boyton Road Raingarden in Haringey (project 13).

 Volunteers in Enfield did an amazing job of fixing 100 planted coir mats in place across 6 basins at the Glenbrook SuDS.  This new planting method has given the SuDS a helping hand in fighting the high levels of pollution entering the stream by increasing plant resilience and biodiversity at the site.  

Volunteers in Haringey did a great job planting over 100 miscanthus and 175 other plants specially chosen for their ability to break down pollutants.

These natural systems are stopping pollution from entering Houndsden Stream, a tributary of the Salmons Brook and the River Lea. 


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