Join Love the Lea and friends for a spring evening at the beautiful Vestry House Museum

Friday 18th March 18:30pm - 22:00, Vestry House Museum, Vestry Rd, London, E17 9NH


POND SCUM 'a research based practice that takes as its starting point an interest in waterborne microbial cultures. Originally conceived as an attempt to create live liquid light projections using distinct bodies of water, plant life and natural materials that could form an appropriate background to experimental music recitals, we've developed our setup into a multi-media performance-lecture using film, improvised sound, text and live projections'

ANNA SKODBO traditional folk from around Britain

TOM BOLTON Author of 'London's Lost Rivers' and 'Vanished City' will be joining us to talk about the lost rivers of the Lea Catchment

FOREST POETS Walthamstow Poetry Collective

JACK PERKS Wildlife Photographer will be showing underwater films of the Coppermill stream and other London waterways


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