LeaCatchment Yesterday was the first meeting of the #barbel subgroup, exciting times ahead as we form our barbel action plan for… https://t.co/a22HuLDMG4
LeaCatchment #Hertfordshire's rivers are facing a summer of trouble as low winter rainfall failed to recharge the chalk aquifer… https://t.co/5wr3deaqrw
LeaCatchment RT @VerValleySoc: A tough summer ahead for the #RiverVer. Today, six miles from the 'source', the river begins as a dribble south of Redbou…
LeaCatchment Great to see our #RiverStort project on the front cover of Salmo Trutta. https://t.co/hQA8SDdhEU
LeaCatchment Local volunteer Patrick McNeill wins national River Champion award for work his work on #RiverLea in… https://t.co/2hEJcG4VYa
LeaCatchment Read all about about recent abstraction reductions on the #RiverBeane here https://t.co/vpDQcMxJFJ https://t.co/PXn6wihoMu

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