LeaCatchment @HMWTBadger were hard at work last week restoring part of the #RiverLea at Lemsford Springs Nature Reserve. 80m of… https://t.co/nNvZK1UWIv
LeaCatchment Interesting new film by @WildlifeTrusts highlighting how re-introducing Beavers to carefully selected parts of the… https://t.co/Yv3RHBSpew
LeaCatchment The #RiverAsh Catchment Partnership meeting is taking place tomorrow, 14th November, hosted by @HMWTBadger - if you… https://t.co/87S714nx4K
LeaCatchment @hertscc in partnership with @EnvAgency are exploring ways to improve the #RiverBeane and #RiverLea through… https://t.co/oUZ38gpK30
LeaCatchment Hertfordshire is home to one of the world's rarest habitats - the #chalkstream ! Celebrate the special wildlife the… https://t.co/YD07gsUJM3
LeaCatchment @amwellmagna Looking forward to seeing the #RiverLea transformation @amwellmagna after the restorations are complet… https://t.co/PZUfJ00Aap

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