10. Watervole reintroduction at Sawbridgeworth Marsh

Theme: Habitats and wildlife


  • To maintain and enhance the river's natural habitats and wildlife

Project description

To address the problems of declining bankside habitat and the remnant invasive mink population, then re-establish watervoles in the Stort valley by reintroducing them to Sawbridgeworth Marsh.

Water voles are absent through the entire Stort catchment due to predation by the invasive American mink, and a decline in suitable bankside habitat. This project aims to set up Sawbridgeworth Marsh as a reintroduction site. In order for this project to be successful, mink must continue to be controlled throughout the catchment, and habitat improvement, in terms of removing over-shading trees and vegetation, must be carried out.

Grid reference: TL488158
Project lead: Bishops Stortford Natural History Society
Project partners: Local volunteers; Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust; Essex Wildlife Trust
Project end: 2015
Watervole reintroduction

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