26. Riverfly Monitoring on the Beane

Themes: People; Status and monitoring


  • To increase the public's appreciation of the unique chalk stream environment and their participation in its conservation
  • To monitor the status of the river and its species to gauge if its condition is improving

Project description

This project will establish a Riverfly Monitoring scheme on the Beane.  Volunteers will be trained to monitor and survey pollution-sensitive river invertebrates on a monthly basis.

The Riverfly Monitoring Initiative is a nationally recognised scheme which trains volunteers to become skilled surveyors, regularly providing useful data on the health of the river's invertebrate populations.  Not only does this allow the river's health to be monitored, but the data can also identify pollution incidents and has even been used by the Environment Agency to successfully prosecute polluters.


Project lead: Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust
Project partners: The Natural History Museum, Countryside Management Service, local river groups
Funding source: HMWT, CMS, various others TBC
Project start: August 2013
Project end: Ongoing
Contact for more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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