10. Lower the ford at Waters Place Farm

Theme: Ecology and biodiversity


  • Remove physical barriers along the river
  • Improve the ecological health of the river bed and banks

Project description

This project will lower the ford at Waters Place farm, to improve fish passage and enhance upstream habitat.

Fords and their associated impoundments have a number of problems for rivers.  Firstly, if the height is more than 30cm, fish will be unable to navigate the ford.  Secondly, they back up the river upstream, causing silt to drop out and cover the gravels, and the flow to be sluggish and pond-like.

This project will lower the height of the ford at Waters Place Farm, enabling fish to pass the structure and reducing the upstream impacts.


Project lead: Environment Agency
Project partners: Easneye Estate
Funding source: Environment Agency
Project start: 2014
Project end: 2014
Contact for more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The ford at Waters Place Farm, before the work

Design by LTD Design Consultants and build by Garganey Consulting.